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CBD Copywriting & Content Services

“Compelling copy draws 7.8 times more site traffic and produces brand recall which brings higher engagement rates” and in the CBD industry as a CBD brand, this is the one of the most important things you need to do – capture your customers who are CBD curious! The CBD copywriting team & content experts at razwerks can help!

Our CBD Copywriting Services

CBD Content Creation

We have the capability to create CBD specific content for your website and marketing material utilizing our staff or experienced CBD writers, who are familiar with CBD, which we don’t confuse with the common understanding of cannabis or marijuana.

CBD Content Creation

Once your website is built, it is important for any CBD brand to have original and relevant content on their website to inform their audience. This is why well written CBD blog articles are so important – not only can they educate your audience; they also build trust in your brand and can help with brand awareness and even sales.

America is CBD curious

It’s widely known that the CBD industry is going to be one of the highest growth industries for the coming years. What’s driving that growth? Lots of people are CBD curious right now.

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, your CBD brand needs to be able to communicate with your customers and build value and good will, with accurate and high-quality original content written by knowledgeable CBD copywriting expert.

Good CBD content is a must

That is where good CBD copywriting is worth its weight in GOLD.

Navigating the challenges of the CBD industry can be frustrating at times, let alone the thought of making good compliant content, that is well researched and accurate, and something customers will really want to read.

Oh yeah, your content also has to be free of any wild claims about CBD. The CBD copywriting team at razwerks can help!

CBD content builds trust

The experts at razwerks will create a custom content marketing strategy for your brand.

With our expert CBD copywriters, we know how to position your brand with amazing original content that is crafted to educate your customers on the benefits of CBD, and showcase your products and services.

This builds trust organically – trust can’t be bought. At razwerks, we successfully navigate the challenges of CBD marketing and execute a successful content strategy that will help your CBD brand to help it GROW.

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