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Rocking your digital marketing? Fabulous! But are you ignoring direct mail which delivers an even more powerful punch? The razwerks Direct Mail marketing and Email Marketing team will help you craft a strategy to reach your customers in their mailbox or their inbox! And we’ll handle every aspect of your campaign for you

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Cold Emailing

We have the capability to create CBD specific content for your website and marketing material utilizing our staff or experienced CBD writers, who are familiar with CBD, which we don’t confuse with the common understanding of cannabis or marijuana.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Once your website is built, it is important for any CBD brand to have original and relevant content on their website to inform their audience. This is why well written CBD blog articles are so important – not only can they educate your audience; they also build trust in your brand and can help with brand awareness and even sales.

Direct Mail Marketing

Many companies focus solely on digital marketing even though 70% of Americans feel less connection to companies who contact them through email than through direct mail.

Direct mail marketing also beats digital marketing in motivating potential customers to take action by 20%! This is likely due to the fact that many companies don’t implement direct mail at all anymore.


This can be a huge advantage for your business and help you stand out from your competitors who aren’t utilizing the power of direct mail marketing. Many businesses shy away from direct mail because they mistakenly believe that it is too expensive or takes too much time.

This is a huge mistake! 62% of people make purchases within 90 days receiving direct mail and businesses report almost 5 times the ROI of every dollar they invest in direct mail marketing!

The direct mail team at razwerks are experts at achieving results efficiently and affordably so you get the ROI you want without investing a lot of time and money trying to become a direct mail expert yourself.

 Email Marketing

More than 90% of people over the age of 15 read email in the US! Is email marketing dead? Nope! 

A lot of people check their email more than 20 times a day, including those of us at razwerks! Combine that with an average 85% placement rate on emails, and there is a reason why email marketing campaigns can be a high ROI, revenue generating machine for your brand. 

Contact the email marketing experts at razwerks to start an email marketing campaign that will deliver a high ROI!

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